Course Projects, 2019

Here are our projects from 2019. You can find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For past projects, please see the links below.

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Today's electronic health records are primarily designed for healthcare providers. Yet family health histories are best created by patients, who may come from any demographic. How can digital histories remain effective for such diversity? In this project, our teams collaborated with experts from Optum to prototype and evaluate possible answers.
Team 1: Deshpande, Dodiya, Arya, Joshi, Raza, Vaideswaran
Team 2: Anumula, Luhana, Mukhtar, Nargunde, Saini, Younce
Results: description, presentation, prototype: (docs, live), github


As some early prototypes make clear, augmented and virtual reality have intriguing potential for board gaming. In this project, our team prototyped an application of AR/VR to board gaming.
Team: Luo, Noghabaei, Riahi, Save, Tirumala, Verma


Most visual interfaces are designed for the center of our visual field, where we can see the most visual detail. But large screen and AR/VR technology also display to the periphery of our visual field. How could we make effective use of such peripheral display? In this project, our team prototyped and tested a potential application for AR peripheries.
Team: Akotiya, Bekkem, Dutta, Pearson, Poudwal, Sharma


In the future, vehicles will make use of augmented reality (AR) to adapt to their current use, and user. Caterpillar's vehicles are no exception. In this project, our team researched emerging uses of novel AR displays in vehicles and elsewhere, generated many alternative applications of AR to Cat's dashboards, chose one of these applications to pursue, then prototyped and evaluated them.
Team: Alwan, Amin, Imtiaz, Kanmanth, Upadhyay, Varanasi


Few appreciate that augmented reality (AR) can not only augment (add to) the world, but also decrement (subtract from) it. One ongoing challenge with construction vehicles is visibility of the work area, as buckets, blades and brooms move through it. In this project, our team researched digging and decremented reality (DR) applications, brainstormed as many applications of DR to digging as possible, chose one of these to study, then prototyped and evaluated it.
Team: Gupta, Madhusudan, Mathews, Patel, Sethi, Sun
Results: description, presentation, prototype: (live, code, readme)


99.97% of high school basketball players never make it to the NBA. What do their lives look like, and how does the sport help them succeed after basketball? In this project, our team designed and proposed a companion computer game for a developing movie about these themes.
Team: Bhandari, Kumar, Reza, Shinde, Shukla, Tiffany-Davis
Results: description, presentation, prototype: (docs, live)


The annual Art2Wear event at the end of the semester is upgrading its technology. In this more applied project, our team worked with design faculty and students to prototype and test augmented reality additions to the event.
Team: Agrawal, Dorwat, Gurav, Sanya, Nagdeve, Patial