Project: Augmented Fashion


NC State every year hosts a fashion show called Art2Wear where young designers are challenged to imagine, create, and inspire by expressing their point of view through wearble art. What if we improve this work of art by leveraging the technology available to us?

In this project, under the guidance of Prof. Ben Watson and Prof. Pat Fitzgerald, we decided to explore the capabilities of AR in the fashion sector. The idea was to give the viewer inside knowledge into each designing process behind Art2Wear. We started brainstorming various ideas, created storyboards and finally decided to go ahead with the prototype displayed below. After discussing the details with our client, we decided to implement the prototype that works with iPads to give immersive AR experience to viewers.

Team Members: 

Unnati Agrawal (
Sanya Kathuria (
Satish Gurav (
Aayush Patial (
Prashant Nagdeve (
Sahil Dorwat (


Stage Reports: