Course Projects

Here are our current projects. You can find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For past projects, please see the links below.

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Pat Fitzgerald is a Professor in NC State's Department of Media, Arts and Digital Technology. Using new generative AI technology, he wants to great a new visual matching game. A key mechanic in this game will be a slow reveal, with the winner correctly performing the match before their opponents.

In this project, will focus on making the game engaging and fun. They will first learn about and evaluate matching games and generative AI; then generate possible game designs, choose among them, and prototype the design they chose; and finally evaluate that prototype.

Clients: Patrick Fitzgerald, NC State Design
Team: TBD
Results: TBD


Personal knowledge bases (PKBs) are being used more and more, especially by creatives in content-generation roles. They are perceived to provide a personalized, unique, curated and often proprietary lens through which content authors can see and create their own intellectual property for publication and licensing. But current personal knowledge bases (Roam, Obsidian, etc.) and software not specifically designed for but used as PKBs (Notion, Evernote, Ullyses, Scrivner, etc.) focus mainly on text, leaving largely underaddressed the rich base of visuals (images, videos, diagrams, illustrations, etc.) so easily available to visual creators, including UX designers.

In this project, students will learn about PKBs and about the interesting collection, curation, connection and combination processes they support to augment our memory and to some extent extend our personal intelligence. They will then propose interaction experiences that address some of the main PKB scenarios specifically for visual content.

NOTE: students on this project must sign an NDA.

Client: Jonathan Walker, founder of a stealth startup.
Team: TBD
Further info: Required NDA
Results: TBD


Truist is modernizing its customer interface, and needs an interactive onboarding checklist that helps new bank account holders complete tasks typically associated with new accounts. Most likely, the solution would be accessible from the bank app dashboard and progressively disclose information so as not to overwhelm the client. Tasks include setting up bill pay, automatic transfers, alerts, etc.

In this project, students will be asked to consider the order, timing, and presentation of onboarding tasks, so as not to overwhelm users while still maximizing task completion.

NOTE: workers on this project must sign an IP agreement.

Team: TBD
Further info: Required IP agreement
Results: TBD


FMX creates facilities management software to help our customers with their facilities maintenance, asset management, and facilities scheduling needs. One key pillar of our product is work order management, which allows our users to easily submit, assign, and resolve maintenance issues in their facilities.

m Our customers commonly receive multiple reports of the same maintenance issue (for example, more than one staff member reporting a broken window in a school cafeteria). To speed up their workflows, they want help accurately identifying duplicate requests and a workflow for merging them. Although we previously released a feature warning users of potential duplicate work orders, our users have found it to be inaccurate and not helpful.

NOTE: Students working on this project will be asked to sign an NDA. They will receive access to a demo site that includes data and other resources as needed.

Clients: Rebecca Favorito of FMX.
Team: TBD
Further info: IP agreement shortly,
Results: TBD


The Triangle User Experience Professionals Association was founded in 2006 and is the North Carolina Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association. We are focused on building and supporting the local community of practitioners who craft great user experiences.

It has been noted by members of the association that the TriUXPA site is not modern and needs to be updated. There are some concerns that our site is limiting our exposure to partners and the support as a 501c non-profit association. Some of the known problems we are experiencing are a lack of new members, renewals to existing memberships, a lack of exposure to the events we host on a monthly and annual basis, as well as new donations and partnerships that can help with exposure and funding to continue supporting our chapter.

Clients: Daniel Florez.
Team: TBD
Results: TBD


Go MTB is a start-up that services the mountain biking community, specifically within the Triangle region of North Carolina. Its primary function will be to provide the most up-to-date status of the mountain biking trails in the area. The problem that the community is currently facing is that there is no easy or quick way to know which mountain biking trails in the area are open or closed due to trail maintenance or hazardous conditions. Additionally, there’s no way to know if a trail is currently being ridden or is busy and causing safety concerns due to run-ins with other slower or stopped riders on the trail. Go MTB is wanting to solve these problems to create a safer and more inclusive riding environment for mountain bikers.

Clients: Daniel Florez.
Team: TBD
Further info: TBD
Results: TBD


In today's data-driven world, the ability to visualize complex datasets in an intuitive, accessible manner is more crucial than ever. However, traditional data visualization tools often fall short when it comes to handling vast datasets, dynamic data sources, or providing personalized insights to users with diverse backgrounds and technical expertise.

Your task is to develop an AI-enhanced data visualization tool that not only addresses the technical challenges of processing and presenting complex datasets but also prioritizes user experience, making data insights accessible and actionable for a wide range of users. The tool should not only provide standard visualization capabilities but also incorporate AI to automate the analysis, highlight trends, and suggest the most effective visualization types based on the data's nature.

Team: TBD
Results: TBD


As people change jobs, the "tribal" knowledge they gained at their old job is largely lost. Could AI reduce or prevent this? In the context of NC State's student organizations and clubs, students working on this project will design the experience to capture, refine knowledge, and learn from tribal knowledge. This might include beginners explore the knowledge via simple AI-powered chat bots, and possibly feedback loops on the knowledge base to understand questions being asked and the quality of answers, enabling additional refinement of knowledge base via expert intervention and beginner questions.

Team: TBD
Results: TBD