Course Projects

Here are our current projects. Eventually, you will be able to find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For past projects, please see the links below.

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Caterpillar is known as the Mercedes Benz of construction, and the cabs on their vehicles do not disappoint. In this project, you will work closely with experts from Caterpillar and an NC State design studio to prototype software for a new Caterpillar vehicle.
Client: David Hedley, Caterpillar UX
Team 1: Z Desai, Gupta, Kalaignani, Mehta, Nandakumar, M Pandya
Team 2: Kulkarni, Misarwala, Panakanti, K Pandya, Yan, Zhu
Requirements: You must be available regularly some time during the NC State design studio, TuTh 130-430p. You must also be willing to sign this Caterpillar IP/NDA agreement.


The ongoing digitization of healthcare in the US offers many opportunities for improving doctor and patient experience. In this project, you will work with UX experts from electronic health record company Allscripts to to prototype possible improvements to that experience.
Client: Ross Teague, Allscripts
Team: Gong, Maniktala, Milliken, Nagasimha, Shi, Sivagaminathan
Results: TBD

#situated biology

In an NC State introductory biology class for non-majors, student teams collect data about dozens of trees on campus. In this project, you will design tools to support that class.
Team: Albert, Chawla, Collins, Ly, Liu, Mee, Narayanaswamy
Results: TBD


Josh Whiton, NCSU CS alum and founder of public transport startup TransLoc (just sold to Ford), is starting a movement that seeks to make our land use renewable. In this project, you will help him develop applications supporting that emerging movement.
Client: Josh Whiton
Team: Ding, Khandekar, Sharma, Singh, Wena, G Zhang
Requirements: You must be willing to sign an IP Ownership Agreement stating that what you produce belongs to


The Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) in the Hunt Library raises the consciousness of and seeks solutions for the emerging issues facing our state. Their large-format, touchscreen Forum in the lobby of the Hunt carries out that mission with displays about the problems it's tackling. In this project, you will help IEI upgrade its Forum to an open, web-based platform by developing new, interactive content modules.
Client: James Herrick and Patrick Cronin of IEI
Team: Chopra, Datla, Hsiao, Mishra, Satarkar, Yang, Yeh


One of LexisNexis' goals is improving the global rule of law, which strengthens societal well-being with comprehensive and strongly enforced law. In this project, you will create and test visualizations and infographics that educate the broader public about the rule of law in their country.
Client: James Broughton, VP for UX at LexisNexis
Team: P Desai, Himani, Hong, Parikh, Yu, W Zhang