Course Projects, 2015

Here are our projects from 2015. You can find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For projects from other years, please see the links below.

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SAS helps clients create understanding from data. But as data is democratized, SAS also needs to begin democratizing understanding. Your job is to help SAS begin meeting this challenge, communicating a well established understanding of complex data through visual means.
Client: Rajiv Ramarajan and Riley Benson at SAS
Team 1: S. Bastikar, J. Desai, R. Dhruve, R. Nisher and V. Seth
description, video, presentation, report, github
Team 2: S. Gopalan, Y. Nallabothu, N. Pandey, A. Pise and J. Taylor
description, video, presentationreportgithub
Team 3: S. Ganesh, P. Gupta, S. Mirajkar and S. Naik
description, video, presentation, reportgithub


VR promises a new type of interface, particularly for gaming. But VR comes with its own challenges, including simulator sickness. In this project you will help Epic Games investigate the impact of VR on gaming experience. In particular, you will study the impact of a vestibular/visual mismatch, of passive vs. user-controlled motion, and of an avatar (self-representation).
Client: Celia Hodent at Epic Games
Vestibular team: A. Madan, V. Piddempally, X. Primus, C. Simmons and S. Thirukonda
description, video, presentation, reportgithub
Control team: P. Deo, V. Gupta, R. Hopper, D. Jain and D. Zager
description, video, presentation, report, github
Avatar team: A. Mittal, P. Oak, R. Roychoudhury, A. Sayal and P. Trivedi
description, video, presentation, report, github


Bamboo Mobile Health is a local medical startup focused on technology helping patients with chronic disease track and manage their symptoms. Your job will be to design a visual dashboard for these patients that gives them the information they need, both for management at home and with their doctor.
Client: Ray Z at Bamboo Mobile Health
Team: O. Ghanekar, R. Mandaogane, K. Nimgaonkar, A. Preman and M. Senn


Nicotrax is tackling smoking addiction with a device that tracks customers' daily cigarette consumption. Your job is to deliver Nicotrax information along with smoking budgets and goals to the user in a manner that encourages smoking cessation.
Client: Kyle Linton at Nicotrax
Team: A. Joshi, S. Mhatre, S. Pulimamidi and H. Yasa