Project: SAS Infographics

Team: Team 2
Ankita Pise, Jesseca Taylor, Nitish Pandey, Sharan Gopalan, Yashwanth Nallabothu

The goal of this project is to design a tool that designers can use to make info graphics while generating SAS reports. We have designed a low fidelity wire frame prototype as well as a high fidelity code prototype to demonstrate the working of the tool. We have done evaluations on the tool to get feedback on the design and usability of the tool as well.
Client: Rajiv Ramarajan and Riley Benson at SAS
Details: initial briefextended brief


1.GitHub Repository

2.Low Fidelity Prototype (Balsamiq)


   3.1 Low Fidelity Prototype Screencast

   3.2 High Fidelity Prototype Screencast

4.Test Results (Evaluation Files)

5.Design Specification

6.Project Summary Report