Course Projects, 2016

Here are our projects from 2016. You can find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For projects from other years, please see the links below.

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Much land in Raleigh is vacant, and will be for the foreseeable future. Vacant To Vital seeks to change this by connect those in need of temporary access to land with those who have unused land. You will evaluate an existing system solving this problem, and build a prototype that improves on it.
Client: Joe Schram at Sparktivity
Team: Garg, Ghandhi, Gulati, Gupta, Mehta, Murarka, Nagaruru, Pradhan, P Sanghavi, Sharma


Activate Good is a volunteer clearing house that connects volunteers to non-profits that need help. You will evaluate their existing website, and prototype a few improvements to their site.
Client: Amber Smith at Activate Good, Kenya Oduor and Michael Etgen at Lexis Nexis
Team 1: Dong, Huang, Sinai, Smith, V Sanghavi
Results: description, video, presentation, report
Team 2: Mandge, Patil, Raina, Soman, Vahela
Results: description, video, presentation, report, github


People like souvenirs to help them remember, typically pictures or objects. But how about conversations? In this project you will research, prototype and evaluate a software tool that listens to conversations, then produces a visual souvenir of that conversation.
Client: Vidya Setlur at Tableau Software
Team 1: Abhinav, Albashir, Khilnani, Ramtirth, Sejwani
Results: description, video, presentation, report, github
Team 2: Ganatra, Kashyap, Nagawkar, Purohit, Shintre
Results: description, video, presentation, report, github


In this project you will evaluate and ideate possible improvements for an educational site about shark fossils, with the Natural Science Museum's paleontology lab. You will then prototype one or more of these improvements.
Client: Bucky Gates
Team: Christensen, Doshi, Mandhare, S Sanghavi, Panchamia