Project: ConversationCloud (team 1)

Team: Abhinav Ashish, Ira Ramtirth, Mohamed Albashir, Rohit Khilnani, Shalini Sejwani

We are involved in a lot of different conversations with a horde of people on a daily basis. But, isn't it frustrating when you cannot remember the name of that restaurant that your friend gushed about so much last week? Conversation cloud is a mobile application that helps people remember conversations through visual souvenirs. Any conversation you have can be recorded and stored in the application and on the basis of the ideas discussed in the conversation, the app generates sketches that depict the conversation. The app also categorizes the conversations as per topics, time, people involved or location. Another cool feature is auto-tagging that tags conversations on the basis of its contents and even groups together chats with similar tags.


Summary Report
Final Presentation 
Sketch Prototype 1
Sketch Prototype 2
Application Prototype
Detailed Results