Project: Nicotrax

Team :
Saylee Mhatre, Shashank Goud Pulimamidi, Ankit Joshi, Harika Yasa
Tagline :
“NICOTRAX offers a unique process tailored to help users quit smoking and push themselves towards healthier alternatives”.
Project Description :
Nicotrax is a company, that is developing a system, whose aim is to eliminate the largest cause of preventable death in the United States, which is Smoking. Their unique system consists of a sensor-equipped hardware case which automatically detects that a smoker has taken out a cigarette from the case and an Android application that detects the users smoking habits and provides him with resources and statistics that would motivate him to quit smoking. We have helped the Nicotrax team in building the UI of their Android application and ensuring that the application provides a great user experience.
Links to the various resources :
1. Screencast