Project: Peripheral Display


Our goal is to create a framework for peripheral notifications in day-to-day use of augmented reality heads-up-displays (ARHUDs). ARHUDs are primarily focused on the foveal visual field of the user. Peripheral sections of ARHUDs are underutilized but could be used to communicate important components of a digital, augmented experience.

In this project, under the guidance of Professor Watson and our client Josef Spjut, Ben Boudadoud and Joohwan Kim of NVIDIA Research. We researched on various technologies that are related to Augmented Reality and notifications display, came up with ideas for developing a prototype i.e. showing notifications in form of waves in the peripheral vision of the screen and rendered it with different colors, shapes, and speeds which will help AR users to get notifications without deviating from primary focus. We have tested and evaluated our project against 22 participants. The results include qualitative and quantitative measures along with limitations.

Team Members:

Abhishek Akotiya (
Srilatha Bekkem (
Carl Pearson (
Manish Dutta (
Sameer Surendra Poudwal (
Arjun Sharma (

Stage Reports: