Project: Transparent Buckets


When operating any of these large construction machinery, one of the major problems everyone would face is the lack of vision as to what is happening around the bucket of the vehicle. These machines tend to be so huge, that they block the operator's vision a lot. This makes the operator "judge" the amount of material in the bucket, the distance to the object and other obstacles, and requires a lot of experience to get to this point.

Our project deals with bringing in additional support to the operators so that even the inexperienced ones can perform efficiently, despite the lack of direct vision in front of them.

Team Members:
- Arjun Madhusudan (amadhus2)
- Pooja Patel (pkpatel5)
- Prachi Gupta (pgupta24)
- Rahul Sethi (rsethi3)
- Zachariah Mathews (zmathew)
- Zelin Sun (zsun12)


1. Presentation
2. Prototype (Web Version)
3. Prototype (Windows Executable)
4. Github Repository
5. Screencast

Stage Reports:
1. Research
2. Generate
3. Choose
4. Prototype
5. Evaluate