Project: Augmented Dashboards


CAT (Caterpillar) has been a front runner in the field of manufacturing high-quality UTV’s. They have many types of UTV’s which cater to different needs of different industries. One of the main problems that all the vehicle manufacturing companies face is to help vehicle users navigate through different controls and buttons. For UTV’s, this gets even more complicated with so many controls like handling the crane arm, navigating the work site, carrying a heavy load, etc. Hence, despite their level of experience, all users can use a helping hand while operating the UTV’s.

We aim to use Augmented Reality to provide this helping hand. Whether it is to simply learn the controls or to get help for a particular task, an AR assistant - equipped with hand gestures and voice assistant - can be a reliable manual. We aim to equip the users with an all-powerful tool that can accommodate all CAT vehicles as well as all types of users in the UTV market.

Team members:

Aditya Upadhyay (adupadhy)
Chandrahas Reddy Kanmanth Reddy (ckanman)
Daxkumar Amin (dkamin)
Namratha Sri Sai Varanasi (nvarana)
Nasif Imtiaz (simtiaz)
Rajan Alwan (ralwan)


Stage Reports: