Project: UNICEF Equity Profiles



UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, produces 2-4 page “national profiles” for the Countdown to 2030 Initiative that describe the progress of low- and middle-income countries in improving women’s, children’s and adolescent’s health. Each contains various charts and tables describing nutrition, interventions, mortality and more. They are meant to help countries decide how to allocate technical and financial resources, and help civil society organizations hold countries accountable.

We collaborated with UNICEF clients to improve the visualization of some of these profiles so that information could be delivered more effectively. Equiplots have been enhanced to show overlapping points, modified piecharts, and stacked bar graphs to make them easier to understand. Induced colors in the tables so that they are more readable.

Team Members

  • Radhika Jitendra Toravi
  • Harsh Vijay Bathija
  • Akash Mukesh Sanghani
  • Mithil Ghinaiya
  • Vraj Chokshi
  • Hannah Chipman