Project : Cat Diesel Buddy



Caterpillar vehicles working on a site must refuel regularly and quickly in order to efficiently meet their goals. However, the fueling environment is complex: there are multiple vehicles that must refuel, multiple fueling sources, and vehicles are constantly in motion. Fortunately, real-time mapping and tracking of vehicles and fuel sources can help solve this complex problem. We marshaled and presented this information to operators and supervisors to solve this refueling problem efficiently.

Along with Caterpillar, we have developed a solution to help the vehicle operators of Caterpillar to optimize their refueling problems. We help them by providing a mobile application using which they can track their current fuel level and book a slot at the nearest gas station or request a fuel truck to refuel their vehicle.

Team Members:
  • Apoorva Chauhan
  • Asha Lekhraj Khatri
  • Karan Suresh Kajani
  • Neel Kamlesh Shah
  • Shreyash Mohatta
  • Vasu Agrawal