Project: Optum Patient Intake


Optum is a healthcare provider that aims to create a healthier world for everyone. Optum Patient Intake is an application that enables patients to conveniently fill out an intake form and book an appointment. It eases the process for the patients and also enables the physicians to focus primarily on the patient. We aim to make the process easier for people with all reading abilities by utilizing pictography whenever possible. The application provides the features of fetching details of the patient directly through the insurance cards making it easier for the patients to provide their details. Then the application contains chatbot feature which enables the patient to book their appointment, get basic details, select the doctor with specific specialization. In other words it guides the user through each step so that we can help a wider range of age groups. Overall we tried to make the process of booking an appointment easier for as many people as we could.

Team Members

Suneha Bose
Vineet Chheda
Ally Limke
Nivedita Lodha
Saloni Mahatma
Shraddha Mishra


Stage Reports