Project - Optum Claims Report


Optum being an insurance firm, deals with insurance reports which is a very cumbersome to review and approve any changes manually. The amount of data is very overwhelming to deal with. Optimum here is a product that will help agents visualize reports better by providing an interface to create visualizations, compare and contrast between them. The list view provides a support of panel view for records which shows detailed information about individual patients' report and also a feature of in line editing of record without redirecting to another page. Product also provides support for complex filtering options to get a more targeted view of claims. Dashboard has a visualization view in which user can navigate between various options and select parameters to view. The graphs are user interactive where every data point provides detailed information. Records can be assigned tags which is significant in grouping them. Overall, optimum aims in enhancing the user experience of claim adjusters in claim approval process.

Team Member

Dani Hove
Kratika Motwani
Sai Karthik Vadrevu
Sanoli Dusa
Venkata Sai Teja Malapati


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