Project: Smart Connected Community


Being connected to others is a basic human need. When we are connected to our communities, we feel loved, accepted, and part of a group. Without a connection to others, we may become socially isolated. Over time this can begin to negatively affect physical and mental health. Technology has the potential to be both a positive and negative influence in this area – so we look, as to how to steer away from these negative influences, by finding a unique way through which we can keep people connected through technology. 

Our aim is to solve this problem by enhancing smart connectivity between parent and child. With this in mind, our goal is to help parents be aware of the emotional state of their children, so that children’s safety and well being is ensured. We also aim to reduce the potential risks that a child could face due to his/her emotional state while open and instant communication is not feasible.

Team Members:

Sara Ghodsi (sghodsi)
Pegah Mathur (pmathur2)
Dip Patel (dpatel27)
Suraj Sunil Pawar (spawar2)
Jeel Ghanshyam Sukhadiya (jsukhad)
Nikita Joshi (njoshi2)
Vishnu Radhakrishnan Nair (vradhak)


Stage Reports: