Project : Immersive Search

LexisNexis (LN) has vast data that legal professionals access to help win cases. Today LN users access this data through a web search interface. The data is uniquely dense and often textual. LN seeks to use VR/AR to help its users access relevant data, gain insight from that data, perhaps while composing documents. In this project, you will learn about legal search and AR/VR, envision a range of AR/VR applications to search, identify those that are most promising, then quickly mock up and evaluate them.

The goal of our prototype is to design an engaging search system for users allowing them to access documents efficiently. The users here, that is the lawyers have large amounts of data to access, and through this prototype we aim to ease the process of accessing relevant search results and gaining insights from the documents.

Team Members:
  • Anmol Desai
  • Jash Dhakad
  • Nidhi Goenka
  • Shreya Parikh
  • Vishwa Shah
  • Sameer Thummalapally
  • Cheng Yuan