Project: AfterBasketBall Game


99.97% of high school basketball players never make it to the NBA. What do their lives look like, and how does the sport help them succeed after basketball? 

In this project, under the guidance of Professor Watson and our client Dr. Jackson,we researched on the themes and related games, generated ideas for developing an app which will help high school basketball players to decide on options ,if they never make it to NBA. Afterwards,we chosen the few promising ideas, pursued them, prototyped them and finally evaluated them. As part of the final deliverable, we created a prototype using Balsamiq, with which user can interact and explore various functionalities like starting a new story,select a mentor, receive mentorship etc.


Team Members:

Aurora Tiffany-Davis (
Chinmay Nandkumar Shinde (
Darshan Balakrishna Bhandari (
Radi Muhammad Reza (
Richa Shukla (
Sachin Kumar (




Stage Reports: