Final Project Deliverables

In addition to your sprint stage deliverables, your project has capstone deliverables. All of them should be delivered using this form. Our goal is to make your work as visible as possible, to help you in your future careers:
  • Final presentation. You will describe your process and demonstrate your project prototype in class on the day of the final. We will likely have visitors on that final day. You can find information here on a good final project presentation.
  • Screencast. Create a video containing much the same content as your presentation. Think of your video as something that you would use on Kickstarter to encourage viewers to invest in your idea. It should be a short version (less than 5 minutes) of your final presentation, including both elevator pitch and a prototype walkthrough. There are many screencasting tools, but recording a Google Meet presentation may be easiest.
  • Stage reports. Include your report for each stage, including the final evaluation stage.
  • Live site: If your prototype involved producing a website, submit the URL for that site. If possible host the site on github, which serves client-side code easily.
  • Prototype and documentation. Your prototype and its documentation, in its final (perhaps improved) form. If you coded your prototype, create a github repo to hold it, and submit the URL. Ideally this should be public on; though private (visible to instructor and TA) on is acceptable if necessary.
  • Site post. Post your project's name, a short description and a representative image to the course site with the tag "projects" and title prefix "Project: ". In your description, link to your presentation, video, reports and prototype -- as well as any working live site and repo. One member of your team will need to contact the TA to gain permission to post to the site.