Project : Situated Biology

Team Members:

Webb Chawla (vchawla3),Tyler Albert(tralber2),Brantley Collins(bjcollin),Chengyuan LIU(cliu32),Joseph Ly(jly),Ryan Mee(rpmee) and Shrikanth Narayanaswamy Chandrasekaran (snaraya7)


The long-term goal is to get students excited about STEM research and the biodiversity around them. In a 2-3 year period, we expect this website to be used in at least 1 mandatory introductory-level science course in each of the participating universities.  By having students actively engage with campus ecosystems using ‘citizen science’ throughout the semester, Dr. Gates hopes to promote research in the STEM field while also collecting data that researchers can study. Dr. Gates also believes that by pushing NCSU and ECU students to participate in actual science, they will develop a sense of self-efficacy that will promote their involvement in the STEM field.

The Prototypes were mainly built using Balsamiq, Google docs, slides, and basic image editing software. With guidance from Dr. Watson and Dr. Gates (client), we have designed this website.


Stage Reports:

Stage 1 - Research

Stage 2 - Generate
Stage 3 - Choose a Solution
Stage 4 - Prototype
Stage 5 - Evaluation