Project: Rule of Law Visualization


One of LexisNexis' goal is improving the global rule of law, which strengthens societal well-being with comprehensive and strongly enforced law.

In this project, our goal is to create a series of engaging stories that connect different aspects of rules of law, open public datasets, and new stories that can be promoted on social media or websites by LexisNexis. Find correlation between rule of law index and other aspects like Education, Health and Economics. Find a story which is interesting and gripping to the common people.

It should catch the eye of experts as well as common public who is not aware of "Rule of Law". We aim to strike a cord with everyone who comes across the final infographic and deliver the correct message.

Our prototypes were mainly built by Google docs, Pixton for Fun, Visme and Canva, with guidance from Dr. Watson and clients from LexisNexis.

Team Members:

Teresa Hong, Qiufeng Yu, Wenyi Zhang, Pankti Desai, Himani Himani, Urmil Parikh


Stage Reports:

Stage 1 - Research
Stage 2 - Generate
Stage 3 - Choose
Stage 4 - Prototype
Stage 5 - Evaluation