Please take the time to evaluate our class !

I mistakenly assumed we'd have time during the final period, but last time for evaluation is Monday. 

I need your help in improving the course, especially given this is the first time! 

Best, Ben 

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From: ClassEval <>
Date: Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 4:23 PM
Subject: ClassEval closes next Monday! Check Your ClassEval Response Rates.

To Instructors in Fall 2013:

You may check your current ClassEval response rates by entering your Unity ID here:

Are your response rates where you'd like them to be?

Want your response rates higher?

Here's how:
- Remind your students how important these evaluations are
- Tell your students how you use their responses.
- Tell them the URL:
- Give your students class time, if possible, to complete their evaluations
- Remind them that ClassEval is mobile friendly, they can use their tablets and phones to answer the surveys.
- Let them know they can update their evaluations at any time during the ClassEval window.
- Remind them that once their evaluations are completed they will no longer receive reminder emails.

This is the final week to make the push to get our response rates higher. Please help us get their valuable feedback.

Thank you,