Project: Design Tiltastory


Design Tiltastory is a children's game that is fun and educational. This game allows the user to navigate through a maze and answer questions about their chosen subjects in order to reach the next level. There are varying levels of question difficulty as a user approaches different colored doors and a number of power-ups to help them pass each level. We built this project under the guidance of Professor Benjamin Watson and our client Professor Patrick Fitzgerald

The project's goal was to design an educational, mobile game for children that uses marble tilting labyrinth games as the base inspiration. We added a range of narrative and interactive components to enhance the game.


Team Members: 

Akshaya Raghutaman (araghut)
Ayan Kapoor (akapoor8)
Connor Smith (cpsmith6)
Maya Patel (mdpatel2)
Rahul Ramakrishnan (rramakr)
Shree Ramasubramanian (slramsu)
Siddarth Jayakumar (sjayaku4)