Project: AR Board Game


If AR takes off as promised and we are able to produce elaborate embeddings of 2D and 3D
content into arbitrarily complex real-world, 3D scenes the future of board games is likely to
change.In this project, we introduced a new way to interact with AR board games by introducing 
custom shape markers. The marker can improve the space utilization as well as making the game
more enjoyable for the players according to our surveys. Platforms like this can be used in 
future for enhance AR technology in general.

Team Members:
- Mojtaba Noghabaei (snoghab)
- Maryam Riahi (mriahi2)
- Maitreya Save (msave)
- Parag Verma (pverma6)
- Aishwarya Tirumala (atiruma)
- Hanyu Luo (hluo6)


 Stage Reports: