Project: MakeSoil

Team Members:

Akanksha Singh (asingh27)
Gang Zhang (gzhang22)
Gautami Khandekar (gmkhande)
Na Wen (nwen)
Shikhar Sharma (ssharm29)
Xiangqing Ding (xding3)


While approximately 1.3 billion tons of food gets lost or wasted every year [ref], have you ever considered transforming the waste into living soil? MakeSoil is a global movement and platform to transform society, repair our relationship to the planet. It is not only about making soil, it also builds a community for people who care about our planet and models a new regenerative economy by making soil together. 

Our goal is to design and build a prototype for the mobile application of MakeSoil. In addition to the required functions, the prototype is aimed at prompting the communications among users, as well as attracting more people into this significant movement. We built the prototype using Figma under the guidance of Dr. Watson and our client, Tomás Gutiérrez (CTO of MakeSoil). In our prototype, users could register and log in, find soil makers within specific areas, chat and share experience with other users.


Stage Reports