Project: #Selfcare with Allscripts

Team Members: 
Rui Bai, Dixon Crews, Sohan Kunkerkar, Stuti Nanda, Vikas Pandey, Abhinava Rai, Shaishav Shah

The initial idea of this project was to design a solution for helping patients (users) own their health concerns. Over the various phases and discussion with our clients we came up with Fit-O-Matic; an app designed to help college students manage their health goals be it maintaining weight, shedding that extra pound or gaining some muscles. One of our main focuses was to have innovative yet easy-to-use app which didn’t require user to get burdened with filling out long forms or maintain cumbersome diet logs. Fit-O-Matic also offer food suggestions, as well as notifications.

Live version of Fit-O-Matic: prototype v1(submitted for grade), prototype v2(updated version) Note: To interact with the prototypes, please open the link with Google Chrome and "Balsamiq Mockups 3" extension installed
PDF version of Fit-O-Matic: prototype v1, prototypev2