Project: Digital Dashboards for Caterpillar Vehicles

Team Members:
Adam Gaweda <agaweda>, Prashant Srivastava <pmsrivas>, Yash Vora <yvora>, Nischal Shrestha <nshrest>, Parag Nakhwa <psnakhwa>, Abhinand Lingareddy <alingar>

On the console attached to the dashboard, the operator can choose the 'Simulation Mode' to begin simulation in order to learn to operate the machine without actually moving the machine or its components. In the simulation mode, the operator can use the common controls of the machine and see the actions being performed virtually on the screen of the console.

The prototype was implemented in PowerPoint using its shapes tools for the user interface, and hyperlinks, actions, and animations for the interactions. The inspiration for the dashboard was from one of the basic tractors, D5K2. We chose a basic dashboard because we wanted to build a proof of concept for the simplest dashboard that is already available, which can then in the future be extended by others. 


Report in stages 
Phase 1: Research
Phase 2: Generate
Phase 3: Choose
Phase 4: Prototype
Phase 5: Evaluations