Epic Team 2 - Active vs Passive Control

Project Description
The aim of our project was to help Epic Games investigate the impact of user control (active vs. passive) in a virtual environment on overall gaming experience. This study is intended to investigate whether or not a user should have complete control in their virtual reality experience, or if it is better to let another proctor guide their motion in this environment. The study was performed with two different games and two methods of control within each game, allowing us to gain an appreciation for the effects of user control without bias toward either game. Users filled out a game engagement questionnaire after each experiment, allowing us to see the effects of each control style.

1. Screencast
2. Report and Results
3. Presentation
4. GitHub repository

Client: Celia Hodent at Epic Games
Team: Pallavi Deo, Divya Jain, Ricky Hopper, Vikas Gupta, David Zager