Announcement: SAS details

SAS Teams:

Here are the details for tomorrow's presentations at SAS:

  • When: presentations begin at 3pm, so please arrive earlier starting after 230pm. We are scheduled to continue until 430.
  • Where: building W on the SAS campus. 
    • The SAS campus is right next to I40's Harrison exit. You should stop at the guard booth on your way in, let them know you are visiting Rajiv Ramarajan at building W. Here is a map of the campus.
    • Building W is close to the Research Drive entrance to the campus. Here is a google map of the building.
  • What: plan on 15 minute presentations, followed by 10 minutes of questions.
    • Start with slides showing design problem, process, solution and insights gained.
    • End with your interactive demo. Ideally this will be running on your laptop.
    • Allow 5 minutes for switching between teams.
    • Audience will be designers, developers and lower level managment
    • Many in the audience will be new and non-technical, so please be sure to explain your problem simply and clearly.
  • How: if any of you need or can offer rides, please contact Abhinav Srinivasan ( who will try to match you to one another. I can take a few with me if there aren't enough seats.
I know you'll do great!

Professor Watson.