Course: independent study in mobile entrepreneurship

The majority of the computing devices sold today are phones or laptops, and with today's app stores and crowdfunding tools, it is easier than ever to reach large markets. Yet university education has done little to recognize these new developments. In the spring, Design colleague Pat Fitzgerald and I are organizing a course to address these needs. One underserved mobile market is apps for children. Working with several design students, engineering students in this course will:

  • Brainstorm several app ideas for children 
  • Develop light prototypes of one or two of these apps and test them with children
  • Help create and launch a Kickstarter campaign for one of these apps
  • Develop one of the prototypes into an app, and submit it to the iOS or Android app store
Students working with me will enroll in an independent study engineering course, which will collaborate closely with Fitzgerald's design studio, which will meet Wednesday mornings.

Please contact me at if you are interested in enrolling.

Ben Watson