Spotted: Love it or hate it! - interactivity and user types

On interactivity and ux. more interactive was better ux. 


// published on Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems-Latest Proceeding Volume // visit site

Love it or hate it!: interactivity and user types
Jennefer Hart, Alistair G. Sutcliffe, Antonella De Angeli

This paper investigates general and individual evaluations of User Experience (UX) with interactive web sites. A series of studies investigate user judgment on web sites with different interactivity levels over repeated exposures. The more interactive websites produced more positive affect, had better design quality ratings, which improved with exposure, and were preferred. Differences between the more interactive sites indicated overall UX was influenced by users' preferences for interactive styles, with both sites having enthusiast, potential adopter, and non-adopter users. The implications for models and frameworks of UX are discussed.