Project: MTB Status


Imagine that you are going on a Mountain Bike ride with your friends. Unfortunately, you come across an emergency. Your bike falls off an unforeseen obstacle. You hurt your leg really bad. You are bleeding. Your friends have already gone ahead. You want to immediately inform all your friends about the emergency situation that you are facing. 

Wouldn't it be great if there was an application using which you could directly send an emergency SOS signal to all your friends?

MTB Status is a proposed solution for mountain bikers in emergency situations. Users can view their friends, chat with them to see who are in for a ride. Using the emergency contacts flow, one can add emergency contacts before the ride starts. In case of an emergency, one can send an SOS contacts to their emergency contacts, and also raise an alarm from their device to inform nearby riders about the situation.


Team Members:

  • Dylan Lang

  • Jack Hou

  • Yash Chandrani

  • Sumedh Deepak Patkar    





Stage Reports: