Improving Onboarding Experience: Truist Bank

We have designed an interactive onboarding process for Truist bank to streamline the process of setting up a new account. The onboarding process guides users through essential tasks like making their first deposit, monthly insights, setting up alerts, bill pay etc. The process was designed in a logical manner with progressive disclosure of tasks and guidance to avoid overwhelming the users. The onboarding process prototype was designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing Bank app to give a coherent experience. Key features include onboarding progress tracking, ability to skip through tasks, a new in-app notifications feature and a modern,clean and intuitive experience.

Team Members:
- Deep Patel (dmpatel7)
- Atharva Patil (aspatil2)
- Manan Tiwari (mtiwari3)
- Aditi Varma (avarma4)

1. Presentation
2. Prototype (Figma)
3. Screencast

Stage Reports:
1. Research
2. Generate
3. Choose
4. Prototype
5. Evaluate