Project: FMX - Maintain Merge


FMX creates facilities management software to help customers with their facility maintenance, asset management, and scheduling needs. One key pillar of their product is work order management, which allows users to easily submit, assign, and resolve maintenance issues in their facilities.

Their customers commonly receive multiple reports of the same maintenance issue (for example, more than one staff member reporting a broken window in a school cafeteria). To speed up their workflows, they want help accurately identifying duplicate requests and a workflow for merging them.

In this project, we have aimed to simplify the problem of detecting and managing issue duplicates for supervisors and help them merge issues easily. We use an algorithm to identify potentially duplicate issue requests. These are then displayed to the supervisor on a Kanban board with highlights. The supervisor can then easily look at the duplicate maintenance issues and manage them at their discretion.

Team Members:
- Mugdha Joshi (mjoshi5)
- Ishan Mistry (ihmistry)
- Harsh Shelar (hshelar)
- Nidhay Pancholi (nrpancho)


1. Presentation
2. Prototype
3. Screencast

Stage Reports:
1. Research
2. Generate
3. Choose
4. Prototype
5. Evaluate