Project: OddBalls


Our project is a visual matching game developed using generative AI technology, which continuously generates new and unique puzzles. This keeps the gameplay both exciting and educational. The main feature is its "slow reveal" mechanic, where images are gradually uncovered, adding an element of suspense and making the game more engaging. This approach not only entertains but also educates, as players learn about different topics while playing. Designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages, the game combines fun gameplay with educational content, ensuring that each game session is both enjoyable and informative.

Team Members:
- Aditya Iyer (asiyer2)
- Anish Rao Toorpu (atoorpu)
- Bahare Riahi (briahi)
- Mahathi Kolishetty (mkolish)
- Mery Harika Gaddam (mgaddam)


1. Presentation
2. Prototype (Web Version)
3. Prototype (Documentation)
4. Github Repository
5. Screencast

Stage Reports:
1. Research
2. Generate
3. Choose
4. Prototype
5. Evaluate