Project: Touch vs Physical



Caterpillar has been adding touchscreens to its vehicles for several years now. This enables CAT to give additional vehicle control to the operator. On the other hand, this accessing touchscreen controls requires extra attention from the operator. Which functions should be accessed through traditional physical controls, and which through touchscreens? 
Our goal is to solve the dilemma of which vehicle functionalities are to be controlled by the touchscreens and which functionalities should be continued to be operated using the physical controls in vehicles. To achieve safe and precise lifting, vehicle operators must have crucial operating settings in view at all times, and these must be presented clearly. In this project we designed the control system in a way that makes vehicle operation simple for anyone, including those with no prior experience.

Team Members:

Arpitha Vijayakumar (avijaya6)
Krishika Shivnani (kmshivna)
Meghaj Agrawal (magrawa7)
Priyanka Subhash Ambawane (pambawa)
Suraj Mallikarjuna Devatha (sdevath)
Vignesh Sabesan (vksabesa)