Project: Lexis Virtual Courtroom - Evidence Dashboard



COVID-19 forced pretty much every aspect of our lives into a virtual environment. The judicial system was equally influenced where hearings were conducted via Zoom and other such tools. This drastic shift to a virtual courtroom was accompanied by many challenges and questions. One major concern was the jurors’ experience of viewing evidence virtually.

Working with LexisNexis, we created an evidence dashboard for the jury to examine the pieces of evidence presented during a trial. This dashboard can also be used during the deliberation phase of the trial, where the jurors can view all the pieces of evidence, understand them in the context of the trial, and make an informed decision.

Team Members

  • Anurata Prabha Hridi
  • Aditya Ravikant Jadhav
  • Khawar Latif Khan
  • Saurabh Nanda
  • Hossein Saedi
  • Leanne Serrao