Project: Design Retrospective


Project Description:

This project aims to create a virtual then and now tour of the North Carolina State University. The tour educates the user about the university's history by showing historical images of a place and displaying some information about the image. As part of this project, we created seven prototypes, in which each of us created a historical tour of the university. 

Team Members:

  1. Bhavya Omprakash Agrawal
  2. Gokul Krishna Koganti
  3. Harini Bharata
  4. Kan-No Lee
  5. Sayali Parab
  6. Shubham Mankar
  7. Nitish Pravin Talekar


  1. Research: Link to the research document
  2. Generate: Link to the generate document
  3. Choose: Link to the choose document
  4. Prototype: Link to the prototype document
  5. Eval: Link to the eval document