Project: IEICommons


The Institute of Emerging Issues located inside the marvelous James B. Hunt Library in the Centennial Campus of NC State University is an organization that raises the consciousness of and seeks solutions to the emerging issues our state is facing. To inform the people about their mission, there is a gigantic screen inside the library which displays information about the current issues and facts.

This project’s aim was to improve the user experience of the huge screen to increase the user base while keeping the content relevant and interesting for different age groups. To achieve the goal, a change of technology was necessary which gave a lot of technological advantages while providing an enhanced user experience. All the design decisions were made based on the current research in the domain of UX. The prototype was developed using the tool - “Figma” which provided the interaction capability.

Team Members

Chung-Che Hsiao (
Huimin Yang (
Kapil Chopra (
Mohit Satarkar (
Piyush Mishra (
Venkata Anudeep Varma Datla (
Wan-Yi Yeh (