Project: Mobile Law for Lexis Nexis

Team Members:

Prerit Bhandari (pbhanda2), Tanmay Goel (tgoel), Samuel David Gonsalves (sgonsal), Jaydeep Rane (jrane), Shyam Ramakrishnan (sramakr9), Weijia Li (wli21), Prashanth Ramesh (pramesh2)


In a traffic court case, it might be useful to know more about the judge presiding over the case. The judge might be related to the cop (a brother, for example) or he might have a history of taking a harsher stance against the defendants in certain cases(say speeding). This information is important to the case and should be at the user's fingertips(through a mobile interface) so that he/she can compare judges on various parameters, in order to make an informed decision of who might be the best judge.

The Prototypes were built using Balsamiq, InVision and Sketch App. With guidance from Dr. Watson, Michael Etgen, Jason Broughton and Terrilynn Graham, we have designed an app that uses analytics to help people be better prepared for contesting their ticket at a Traffic Court.


Stage Reports:

Stage 1 - Research
Stage 2 - Generate
Stage 4 - Prototype
Stage 5 - Evaluation