Project: Improve the User Experience on a State Site


                       Mohit Nayak, Jinay Mehta, Juilee Chitre, Anup Rohamare, Ajay Jadhav
{mknayak, jdmehta, jchitre, avrohama, abjadhav}

Problem Statement/ Goal

To improve the user experience of State of North Carolina’s business site by providing a ‘one-stop’ experience. The project aims to understand the experiential goals of clients, evaluate the existing sites as a collective experience, produce and evaluate a working partial prototype to come up with a design for unified experience.


Problems Encountered

The current state website provides information about procedures and licenses associated with users’ business needs.  Although it fulfills the purpose to some extent, it doesn’t come out too good on the experience scale. During our evaluation, we found following shortcomings with the sites:


Business Registration: 

  • Unable to keep track in terms of progress.
  • Most of the information represented in text.
  • Help details shown on all pages resulting in wastage of space.
  • Non-responsive user interface.

Business License lookup:

  • Links and search mechanisms were not intuitive. 
  • Search results not well organized. E.g. Search for school bus transport license required the participants to scroll down for actual link providing the information.
  • Slow and non-responsive. 
  • Category based search required visiting multiple pages.

Proposed Solution

The aim of the new site is to provide an improved user experience and ease of access to information. A unified portal is provided that helps you to get started with your business registration needs and more. 
A Responsive web design is followed in the prototype resulting in an optimal viewing experience viz. easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). 
The business registration workflow provides a wizard to keep track of the progress. It also makes sure that users complete the information required in current step before jumping onto the next step.
The business license look up provides an elegant way to search for desired license efficiently and correctly. The search results are shown on same page avoiding unnecessary loading of extra pages.



We created a high fidelity prototype for business registration and license look up workflows. The prototype improves upon the existing designs to provide a ‘one-stop’ experience. A logical and consistent structure allows users to easily navigate and look up the information.


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