Project: NC Innovation Center

Team Members : Peter Savitsky, Shea McIntee, Spurthi Kottan, Sruthi Saraswathy, Surabhi Seetharam and Qian Liu

The client, the State of North Carolina, currently possesses hardware (in the form of a number of touchscreens, Microsoft PixelSense brand) that is for an "Innovation Center", where staff and citizens can access a variety of data, from budget to transportation, from education to employment statistics. They also have a
significant breadth of data going back to 1985 or earlier in an accessible form. However, they lack an interface between these two parts. 

Project Scope:
Design sample stories for an interface for at least a few of their existing datasets that precisely and intuitively communicates data relationships to the user. Demonstrate with a sample prototype that cover a few elements from the ideas. 

Data Visualizations:
A number of data visualization tools were considered that would both innovatively and intuitively display the sample data. Most ideas revolved around using a base map of North Carolina and geotagging the metric to the respective county. We have considered both static as well as interactive solutions that would make use of the touch interfaces that our clients have. 

Sample prototype using ammaps and google motion charts was developed that includes an animation of relevant data over time. The breakdown of data is either by county or by industry. The motion bubbles have been geotagged to the appropriate counties. The focus on this project was mostly solutions of how best to interactive present the state data to viewers. Survey results were collected on the intermediate stages on the usability of the tool and suggestions on the same were incorporated. The design task was a big challenge which we thoroughly enjoyed and learned from

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