Opp: CIRCUIT Studio logo competition

The CIRCUIT Research Studio at the NCSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences is soliciting entries for a competition to design a logo for the new Studio. Winners will receive a U$ 150.00 cash prize, and will have their logo displayed on the Studio website, and all of the Studio communication materials. Logos should be submitted via email to circuit@lists.ncsu.edu as .jpg or .psd, in color and black and white. The deadline for submissions is November 08, 2013.

The CIRCUIT Research Studio is a collaborative research space where CHASS-based faculty and students work on experimental, theory-driven, and cutting-edge research on Digital Media, Gaming, Digital Humanities, and Mobile Media.The technical and production-oriented aspects of the Studio help CHASS faculty and students develop deep connections with STEM units on our campus and beyond, and pursue large-scale, funded research projects.The Studio also enables CHASS faculty and students to pursue a deeper connection to practice in their scholarship and their teaching. In doing so, the Studio bridges the persistent gap between the “two cultures."

Adriana de Souza e Silva, David Rieder, Nick Taylor (CIRCUIT Studio co-directors)