Assignment: visit SAS's user experience lab (updated)

We will visit SAS's usability lab on October 17 over classtime, with the tour beginning at 230 and officially ending at 330. For those able to stay longer, some of the SAS UX team will be available to chat further over coffee. While there at SAS, we will learn about SAS's process, and get to know SAS staff and facilities.

SAS security needs the name and nationality of all visitors. If you will be able to come, please enter that information on this form (updated: new link), which I will forward to SAS.

If you will not be able to come, you can instead react to four additional (unrequired) papers. I will be taking roll at the event itself.

As you enter the SAS campus, you may have to stop at the guard house. Let the guard know you are from NC State, visiting Rajiv Ramarajan. We will meet at the lobby of building R, where security will give us a badge and clear us for entry. Visitor parking at building R is currently limited, so you may have to park next to a different building and walk in. Here is building R on a Google map.

If cannot arrange your own transportation, please feel free to use the class Google Plus Forum to seek a ride.