Spotted: Measuring experience continuously using mobiles

Interested in how this compares to ratings. 

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Your reactions suggest you liked the movie: automatic content rating via reaction sensing
Xuan Bao, Songchun Fan, Alexander Varshavsky, Kevin Li, Romit Roy Choudhury

This paper describes a system for automatically rating content - mainly movies and videos - at multiple granularities. Our key observation is that the rich set of sensors available on today's smartphones and tablets could be used to capture a wide spectrum of user reactions while users are watching movies on these devices. Examples range from acoustic signatures of laughter to detect which scenes were funny, to the stillness of the tablet indicating intense drama. Moreover, unlike in most conventional systems, these ratings need not result in just one numeric score, but could be expanded to capture the user's experience. We combine these ideas into an Android based prototype called Pulse, and test it with 11 users each of whom watched 4 to 6 movies on Samsung tablets.