Project: AI for Visualization


This data visualization tool is designed to simplify the creation and analysis of data visualizations for users with limited coding or data visualization experience. It leverages AI technology to assist in the seamless integration and visualization of data, making it particularly accessible for novice users while still powerful enough for more experienced analysts. Users can connect datasets, utilize AI-driven suggestions for optimal chart types, and interact with data through an intuitive chat-like interface. Additional features include the ability to drill down into specific data points and share customized, insightful visualizations with colleagues effortlessly. The goal of this tool is to reduce the steep learning curve often associated with data analysis and visualization, thereby enhancing productivity and enabling a broader range of professionals to make data-driven decisions efficiently.

Team Members 
Andrew Lopez (ailopez)
Anisha Chazhoor (aschazho)
Biqing Su (bsu5)
Pankaj Manoharlal Thakur (pmanoha)


Stage Reports